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A precious active ingredient that moisturizes the skin.

Ceramides are a component of the skin’s lipids that form its natural protective barrier – especially the epidermis and its stratum corneum. They are an essential element that fills the intercellular space. They act as a water-lipid barrier, protecting against excessive water loss and improving water absorption, so they promote proper hydration of the skin and help maintain proper homeostasis.

Ceramides, together with corneocytes, form an impermeable coating on the skin for water, and are thus partly responsible for the elasticity of the epidermal surface layer. With the passage of time, and due to harmful external factors and stress, the amount of natural ceramides  decreases.  The decrease in the level of ceramides, is also favored by menopause and related hormonal changes. Their absence makes the epidermis dry, thinner and less elastic, turning gray. 

Keratinization processes are also disrupted. The result is faster skin aging. Dermocosmetics with ceramides have beneficial actions for dry, tired skin with signs of aging. They quickly restore its firmness, hydration and elasticity.

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