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Natural body cosmetics

Natural Snailmed cosmetics are an ideal solution not only for various skin types, but also for the environment. Inspiration from nature resulted in products with extraordinary effectiveness. Their base is pure snail slime with a very high concentration. Unique recipes are the basis for the care of acne, dry and mature skin. As a cosmetics manufacturer, we focus on the quality of our products. We are constantly expanding our offer to meet the high expectations of all people.

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Discover the power of pure snail slime

Discover a wide range of natural cosmetics that attract with their uniqueness and composition based on snail slime. Natural ingredients often have unique properties. Pure snail slime is one of those amazing discoveries that is gaining more and more recognition in the world of cosmetics, and we, as a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, decided to use these extraordinary properties. Here are some reasons that will explain our decision.

  • Regeneration and renewal of the skin. Snail mucus contains substances such as allantoin and glycolic acid, which may support skin regeneration. These natural ingredients significantly accelerate the healing process, reduce acne scars and support the removal of dead skin.
  • Moisturization and elasticity. Thanks to the natural properties of snail slime, the skin gains better hydration and elasticity. This is an excellent help for people struggling with dryness or loss of skin firmness.
  • Protection against external factors. The ingredients present in snail slime have the potential to create a protective layer on the skin, protecting it against harmful external factors such as pollution and UV radiation.


The second extremely important ingredient of our natural face and body cosmetics is totarol, a natural chemical compound found in the oil from the Totara tree, growing mainly in New Zealand.

Why do we combine snail slime with totarol? Because it has many valuable properties, such as:

  • antibacterial properties, which makes it effective in the fight against various types of bacteria, including those causing acne or skin infections,
  • antioxidant properties, which helps fight free radicals that can contribute to skin aging and damage,
  • antifungal properties,
  • soothing properties as it supports the relief of skin inflammation, which is especially beneficial for people with skin problems such as acne or eczema.

Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, totarol is a popular ingredient in skin care products, especially those intended for people with skin problems, acne or other skin infections.

Choose natural power with Snailmed cosmetics

Discover natural Polish cosmetics based on snail slime and totarol, combining the potential of nature and advanced technologies. Learn the secret of their effectiveness and experience the beneficial properties for your skin that will change your daily care. We try to take a comprehensive approach to skin care. We know that each person struggles with different problems, which is why we have created anti-acne, anti-aging and moisturizing lines. These are:

  • natural body cosmetics,
  • snail slime creams for scars,
  • anti-acne creams,
  • natural moisturizing creams,
  • good anti-wrinkle creams,
  • snail slime ointments,
  • anti-acne, anti-aging, revitalizing serum.

Start your adventure with the power of pure snail slime and give your skin the best of the world of nature. Each product in our store is the result of careful selection of ingredients and ensuring the highest quality. Choose Snailmed and you will take care of your skin.